3 Aug

Beat your competitors by expanding with the help of Outsourcing.

Many businesses are affected because of the global financial crisis, some even to the point of closing down. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises that do not have immense resources to keep the business going. It is very critical for business owners to spend wisely on their investments and to find ways to keep the business running without sacrificing quality of work. Some would even delay their plans of expanding their business because of fear of loss of investment. The fear of not getting your money back is only natural especially during this hard time however this should not stop you from growing your business. In fact this maybe the time for you to explore and get resourceful in making business decisions to gain that extra edge from your competitors.

We all know that for you to be able to expand your business to higher grounds you will need to have that extra cash or capital to spend. This is where your resourcefulness comes in as a businessman.  Venturing to outsource some jobs maybe the answer to your cash flow and needed capital.  With the accessibility of the internet, outsourcing jobs became a greater option especially for the non-vital business processes that can be done even without the comfort of the four walls of your office.

To bring down overhead expenses and gain more capital you will need to cut down a couple of expenses. Now here is where outsourcing comes in very handy, hiring employees offshore can lower a significant amount on your operational expense. Even big businesses know this that is why they continue to outsource jobs to other countries. Imagine how much you can save if you can cut down at least 30 to 40 percent of your operational expense. Look at it this way, the local cost of an employee who is offshore ranges from $6- $10 per hour or it could even be lower and compare it from an onshore employee that charges $12- $20 per hour. Off course you also have to consider the money you will save from employee’s benefits, taxes, office space and equipments, electricity and other factors. These factors normally are inclusive when hiring offshore companies.

If you are worried about monitoring and quality of service from outsourcing jobs, well don’t be. There are a lot of ways to monitor employees offshore. Communication is not a problem anymore because of e-mails, chat programs, VOIP and some programs are even created to view what your employees are doing. This is all accessible with a couple of clicks from your own computer. Plus most employees offshore are easily trained to handle the job properly not to mention they are polite and hardworking. They can also assure you of great customer service skills that your customers can take advantage off. Everybody knows that a great customer service is the secret on why customers will keep on coming back to transact business with you. Another advantage is the ability to hire more employees that you can afford to hire to give legendary customer service for faster business transaction and more opportunity for growth.

Bottom line is there are significant advantages when you outsource your business and a good businessman would take advantage of these opportunities especially if it can assure growth and expansion for your business. With the recession ongoing getting more for less is what you need.  Beat your competitors by expanding and offering more by paying less.

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