16 Nov

Social Media Marketing and its Potentials for Dentists

In all types of medical service professions such as dentistry, the top on the priority list to consider is relationships. It’s what keeps customers going back for further services. Once this relationship is established, new clients will be pouring in. Creating a social network is a good practice to increase your referral network. Referral marketing has worked through the years and is in no chance of dying anytime soon.

However, a little boost from doing social media marketing does not hurt.  It is basically an additional tool that can be exploited to increase social ties with your existing client relationships. Excellent people skills are valuable in person as well as online.  To go hand in hand with establishing fruitful relationships with your customers, you must open your mind with social media marketing. It will increase visibility for you and your practice. Here are some little tips that can help you cope up with this marketing tool.

1.      While a number of people are aware of the worth of being visible online, most dentists are still working up the idea of social media. The query of whether to join or not is lurking in their minds. Some even have complete aversion over it which is a bit disappointing considering the promises that this marketing tool can entail. This tool magnifies the power of yellow pages to attract new customers. For example compare two existing websites offering the same type of service and skills. One is joining social network sites and the other does not. You will observe that while the other is waiting for emails and calls from prospective clients the other is gaining popularity on blog sites. Making them and their services known to more people, thereby gaining new customers every day.

2.      There are a lot of social media networks available in the market. The best way to be found is to join the ones with wider networks. Join in using your dentist URL page as username or your clinic’s name. If you have a logo, put it as your profile picture to be recognized.

3.      Take care of sharing your information in online networks with the same rationale as you would any other social institution.  In other words, don’t blog about something that will hurt your profession.

4.      Communicate with your network as you would with a patient or a friend. Just as we all do in person, we would also like to be treated well online. Comment on other people’s blogs or messages, making them aware that you exist. The good thing about that is every time you make a comment your created username and picture will appear, hence your URL and logo as mentioned above. It will be free advertising if you do that. But be always sensitive on the comment and always leave it on professional level.

5.      Use keywords on your blogs or messages in social network that will optimize your search engine. Hence, leading them to your own website.

Social media is not an end-all marketing answer for all.  Start from inside, review the quality of your client care and communication relationship.  Then decide whether it is a normal thing for you to partake in social media sites. Remember that whatever medium of marketing you used the most important part is how you care for your clients and how show them your love of work.


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