6 Oct

Statistics on Social Media Marketing

I found this great article showing some statistics on social media marketing for e-retailers.   According to this article, 34% of e-retailers say social media marketing has increased their sales.   The study was conducted by Forrester Research.

The study also shows the following results:

  • The return on investment is unclear, 66%
  • Now is a great time to experiment with it prior to the 2009 holiday season, 63%
  • The primary ROI is in listening to and understanding customers, 58%
  • We’re pursuing it now to avoid being latecomers, 54%
  • We’re pursuing it because of the buzz surrounding it, 50%
  • We use a specific set of metrics to measure social marketing initiatives, 36%
  • It has helped to grow our business, 34%
  • We’re pursuing it because our competitors are, 28%
  • We’re pursuing it to satisfy senior management, 15%

Social media marketing for your business is worth looking into.  Our social media marketing assistants can help you get started.  Call us today at 888.828.9826 to find out more.

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