18 Aug

Funny Social Media Status Updates – Social Media Marketing Assistants

Take a look at this video and laugh as much as you can with these Funny Social Media Updates! Content is King when it comes to your marketing strategy. Keep your fans laughing with funny and engaging posts.

Like any of these updates? Please feel free to use them on your page, here is the list:

1. Back in my day, we didn’t have Instagram. We had to bore people in person with photo albums.
2. Commercials led me to believe that changing shampoos would have a much bigger effect on my life.
3. You know what tastes better than one taco? Two tacos!
4. $10 says some idiot is gonna hear the word Ebola and think “that’d be a great name for my new baby!”
5. Can’t wait till I’m old and I can play the ‘fall asleep’ card in awkward situations.
6. What about a To-Don’t List?
7. If I’ve learned anything from the Kardashians it’s that I shouldn’t let my complete lack of talent hold me back.
8. Mister Rogers didn’t adequately prepare me for the people in my neighborhood
9. My kids are the reason I wake up every morning. Really freaking early. Every…Single…Morning…
10. Is there a way to politely throw breath mints in someone’s mouth while they’re talking?

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