13 Jan

Increase Your Car Repair Shop’s Profits with Social Media Marketing

We all know that a well built and information-robust website is very effective in customer acquisition and retention. People are more attracted to impressive website content. But it’s not only through websites that businesses can fully succeed. Growth can rely greatly as well on how a business connects with customers and how customer and business relationships are maintained. But with increasing costs in traditional advertising and marketing techniques often done in print and television, social media has opened new doors to more affordable and effective methods of promoting products and services.
The car repair industry has always been very competitive and a car repair shop’s growth can be dictated by the number of customers and connections it has. Normally, products and services prosper more effectively through word-of-mouth advertising which is very powerful and free.
Word-of-mouth advertising is controlled by consumers and this makes social media marketing in the internet one of the most effective ways in targeting a great number of customers. Social media marketing is contagious as long as there is something good to share. As far as businesses are concerned, social media marketing helps them in promoting their key strengths by providing valuable information to the various social networking members who grow by leaps and bounds every day. Is your business worth talking about? Just make sure it’s all positive. Words spread so fast like wild fire and a negative business image can create great damage to your reputation.
You have to realize that since consumers control social networking sites. As a car repair shop owner, you have to be sensitive about things that tick the public off, what interests them and what pushes them to spend. It really takes a great deal of time in observing these different types of behaviors, but can be very effective if social media marketing is used effectively. If you think that car owners who are into social networking are more interested in the quality of service, then you must promote your advantage from other auto repair shops. If you think car owners are interested in the price, then inform them why your service has more value for their money. In short if you post something about a particular service of yours, you have to write about it truthfully because consumers will always find out if you are giving misleading information.
Many businesses are also scared of social media marketing because one wrong move can result to a very unfavorable reputation. You can be the ridicule of the town and erasing a bad image is difficult because people remember the negative things longer than the positive ones. Although social media marketing is amazingly effective, not to mention free, business reputations can also be at risk. Therefore a well-planned strategy is strongly advised. Avoid joining all social media sites; just choose a couple of the most popular ones so you can easily manage the time to respond to your members and when you do, make sure that you are meeting their needs and satisfying their concerns. This will surely increase customer acquisition and retention dramatically that equates to a more constant source of profits.
If you don’t know where to start or what to do, you may consider hiring a social media marketing assistant to help you get started.  Here is an idea of how you can market your business, or you can create coupons and specials and distribute them through social media to your prospective customers.  For more ideas, give Global Assist a call at 1.888.828.9826

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