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Promoting Salons and Spas through Social Media

Businesses of today are always in constant search of ways on how to effectively promote their products and services to their specific niche or market. Traditional methods of advertising and marketing are getting more expensive nowadays, which makes it a problem for most businesses. Sometimes none of these traditional advertising methods seem to work in acquiring and maintaining a base of loyal customers.

But having a good product and a good service fortified with good information will never put you out of business, but it needs something to make it grow faster as far as profits are concerned. A few number of salons and spas have found this very effective — the solution is through Social Media. Everybody can create social media profiles for free, and this is a very effective way in promoting businesses, indirectly of course. The factor that will make social media work for you is through building relationships. Persistence is highly required and great sense of responsibility in responding to every member of your social media network. Building relationships has no haircuts… I mean short cuts.

Social Media Marketing for Salons

Social Media Marketing for Salons

Based on recent studies, online media which includes social media networking leads the list of the top media that creates a huge impact on all demographics. Young people and adults alike are into social media networking, like Twitter or Facebook. They belong to various age groups with different interests and goals and you should find your own niche that you know who will be interested in your products or services.

According to C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research, younger crowds want the latest styles through popular online sites where their friends go and that makes social media sites the main target, therefore, salons and spas need to get active on social media sites since these sites attract young potential customers which can help your business go viral! According to some reliable findings as well, a great number of salon and spa appointments are already made on these social media sites.

We can therefore conclude that in trying to win more customers for your salon or spa business, you can show social media enthusiasts that you can extend your services for free by providing valuable information about your product and service. This how you win the trust and confidence of people in your own niche. As you strengthen your relationships with them, you can also offer exclusive discounts to them. Of course you don’t have to directly “sell” your product or service to them because that could leave a bad impression on your audience. A subtle way to do this is to know what their salon and spa needs are and offer some few tips on how you can help them with their salon and spa concerns. Using this selflessly will have you getting their trust and they can share your links to others lovingly that could go viral eventually.

In any business, quality customer service is very important. You can use social media as a tool for you to assist your customers in every way you can. The advantage of social media is that it is free, but very powerful because it is word-of-mouth advertising that works into play in these social media sites. It is then important to maintain a good reputation and you will have many people “following” your tweets and posts and the like in no time.

Here is an idea of what you can promote, create a short video about your businessand post it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to tell your prospective customers what you can do.  Or send them coupons and special offers to entice them to try out your business.  For more ideas on how to promote your business, call Global Assist at 1.888.828.9826


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